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Thank you for your visit, and for your interest in doing business with Charles Web Design.

Given my current workload, I am unable to accept new clients at the moment (for both website design & web development). For pressing projects, please consider other Bryan-College Station web designers.

- Charles

Custom Web Programming ServicesCustom web applications extend the functionality of your website. Your website evolves from being a simple informational brochure, to becoming a truly interactive tool, which makes your customers' and your life easier.

Unlike traditional desktop applications (like Excel or Photoshop) web applications run directly from a remote server on the Internet.


Web applications offer notable advantages over their desktop counterparts.

  1. Ease of Deployment - The requirements are limited to a web browser and an Internet connection.
  2. High Portability - Web applications can be run within any (modern) web browser, regardless of user operating system, (such as Windows, Mac, Linux…)
  3. Seamless Upgrades - Since the program is located on the server, users are guaranteed to running the latest version of the application. (Example: you never have to check that you are using the latest version of eBay or…)
  4. User Mobility - Since data and application are on a "live" server, users can work anytime, from anywhere, by simply connecting themselves to the web server.

Your web application can be written in any of the supported programming languages, depending on your web server environment, project requirements, or your current website.


All web hosting packages support these server-side languages for both website design and web development. All web hosting packages also include database connectivity with either Microsoft SQL or MySQL.

Server-based web applications with Microsoft Access files are also a possibility.

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