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Thank you for your visit, and for your interest in doing business with Charles Web Design.

Given my current workload, I am unable to accept new clients at the moment (for both website design & web development). For pressing projects, please consider other Bryan-College Station web designers.

- Charles

Internet MarketingChange defines the Internet. Only a long term Internet marketing strategy will let you stay ahead of your competitors, and in your prospects' sight. (Or an absence of competitors.)

Online, there is no such thing as an absolute victory. Today's leader is yesterday' underdog. A better idea and a more aggressive marketing campaign will determine who stays on the spotlight.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization consists in ethically helping search engines to return your website as top result for relevant searches.

Search engine optimization forces your luck: when Cindy googles "lawn services" in your area, your well optimized website will appear on top of search engine results.

Search Engine Advertising

Search Engine Advertising Advertising your offerings alongside search engine results complements search engine optimization, a good idea when competition is tough, or to get a head start with a new website launched (before the site is indexed and search engine optimization takes over bringing qualified prospects to your website).

Internet advertising typically works on a "pay-per-click" basis (the search engine bills you only for actual clicks), or per number of exposures (you are billed based on the number of times ads for your website and offerings were displayed).

Custom e-Banner Design

Receptive users remain the most efficient way to promulgate your offerings. e-Banners allow for highly targeted advertising.

If you sell golf clubs, you should purchase banner space with an online golf magazine.

Web Polls & Surveys

Online polls and surveys offer an easy-to-deploy and efficient strategy to keep track of your image among clients and prospects.

Anonymous web users gladly share their opinions with short and relevant polls/surveys. Thanks to the internet's interactivity, your poll, hosted on your website, dynamically orients itself depending on users previous answers.

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