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Charles Web Design - Custom Web Design in Bryan College Station, Texas

An actual sampling of custom web design work will soon be available on this website…

College Station Web DesignWeb Design Services - Bryan College Station, Texas

Thank you for your visit, and for your interest in doing business with Charles Web Design.

Given my current workload, I am unable to accept new clients at the moment (for both website design & web development). For pressing projects, please consider other Bryan-College Station web designers.

- Charles

Website Design ServicesCharles Web Design stands for high quality, custom web design. Websites are hand-coded, and developed at all level according to your specification.

Your website will be accessible from a variety of platforms, from web browsers to web-enabled portable devices.

Already know what you need? request a quote or request a call back.

Going Online

Deciding to establish a "web presence" is easy, but here are a few questions to make it easier to devise an ideal solution for you.

  1. What is your target audience?The "right" website is created with the right audience in mind. Who are your likely visitors? Joe the sales guy with his fast Internet connection? Or Sally the home-maker with her dial-up connection?
  2. What is the purpose of your website?If you can dream your website, I can create it. But your site must appeal to its visitors. Know in advance what it tries to accomplish: inform? Add value to your offerings? Make life easier for your clients? For your employees?
  3. What content will your website provide?Bringing visitors to your website is a good first step. But content will determine where they go next: web users will decide to stay on your site or leave in seconds.

Websites developed by Charles Web Design are coded by hand, which offers a level of control that visual web design tools most web designers use don't. This means that your website will be lighter, and be compressed for faster loading time.

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